Litigation results from a disagreement. For the individuals involved, it causes distress and uncertainty, so it is rarely welcomed. We say this as specialist commercial and civil litigators. Our solicitors have the expertise and technical knowledge to assist you to resolve your dispute in the right way.

When a dispute arises, it is vital to get the right advice as soon as possible to minimise the negative impact it can have on your day to day life. These disputes can come from any direction. Our expert team of experienced and pragmatic litigation solicitors can provide you with the advice and support you need for a range of commercial litigation issues, including:

• Disagreement with builders
• Contractual Disputes
• Property & Land Disputes
• Professional Negligence Claims
• Debt Recovery & Collection
• Director & Shareholder Disputes
• Partnership Disputes
• Insurance Claims

Resolving these can be a complicated and delicate process. If you fail to comply with the many rules that regulate the management and conduct of companies or business, the dispute can escalate and become even more complicated than it was at the start. Our wealth of experience enables us to alert you to issues and provide solutions that you may not have considered.

Our litigation department will:

• Analyse your case fully, if you are bringing a claim, it is essential to establish whether your opponent has the means to pay;
• Establish your objectives;
• Work out strategically how to achieve your goals;
• Discuss costs and funding options, including insurance and conditional fee arrangements;
• Consider Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) as required under English law;
• If negotiation and mediation fail, we prepare for court, ensuring that you are aware of the costs and consequences of pulling out of the procedure before a decision is reached.