Forty years ago, the legal system of Afghanistan was based mostly on religious tradition and regional customs, which is still enforceable in some remote parts of the country. However, the government of Afghanistan together with the assistance of international stakeholders introduced and enacted a number of new commercial legislations, which not only modernised the legal system but also attracted a number foreign investor to invest in the country. This resulted in a steady economic growth averaging 10 percent between 2005 and 2013.

Afghanistan is considered to be the land of opportunities, but in the absence of adequate and explicit guidance, one could face great obstacles. These are not merely legal challenges but the lack of social connectivity and ties within the government.

With number experienced lawyers, including the former Director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs of Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Afghanistan, who had a leading role in drafting over 22 new commercial laws of the country, we have one of the largest and most international teams of corporate lawyers in Afghanistan. No practice in Afghanistan can match our position across the full range of commercial laws.

We provide a vast and extensive advise in the following areas of laws.
• Mining
• Antitrust/Competition
• Corporate Governance and Compliance
• Insurance
• Intellectual property
• Islamic Finance
• Litigation and Dispute Resolution
• Real Estate
• Company and Corporate
• Consumer Protection
• International Trade
• Energy (Oil and Gas)
• Private Pubic Partnership
• Projects


Afghanistan made its latest assay at attracting international expertise to its fledgling oil and gas industry when the Ministry of Mines & Petroleum issued a tender for exploration and production across a 7,131 sq km block of the Amu-Darya basin in 2013.

The region is one of four areas in the north of the country that the US Geological Survey and its Afghan counterpart jointly assessed to have between them 1.6 billion barrels of crude oil, 16 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and 500m barrels of natural gas liquids.

Our team of experts has provided legal help in project development, (both public and private), funding (equity, debt and Islamic financing), energy, emissions trading, litigation and arbitration. All of these transactions are supported by our experts in areas such as taxation, competition, regulatory, environment and employment.

Amongst other commercial laws, competition law has recently been enacted in Afghanistan. Compliance with competition law has never been more important, as governments seek to ensure that markets work well for consumers. Competition authorities (Directorate of Consumer Protection & Competition) are using their increased powers to scrutinise and challenge mergers, punish anti-competitive conduct, and reform markets where competition does not work well.

Our competition lawyers deliver effective, commercially-driven solutions to our clients. We provide expert competition law advice and representation before competition and regulatory authorities in Afghanistan. Many of our competition lawyers have worked for competition or regulatory authorities, meaning that we can provide a unique insight into how regulators in Afghanistan work.

Establishment of Law Commission in Afghanistan:

Sadozai Solicitors and International Association of Afghan Lawyers, have put forward a joint proposal for the establishment of the Law Commission in Afghanistan. The proposal has been circulated within the governement and received excellent feedback.

Sadozai Solicitors has been the first and only law firm in Afghanistan to have annouced the necessity of the commssion. The idea has been welcomed by the government and international community. Both Sadozai Solicitors and International Association of Afghanistan Lawyers will play a major role in establishing the Commision.